Bray Navy High Performance Butterfly Valve


Based on Bray's award-winning double offset design, the Bray/McCannalok Navy valve incorporates over 10 years of proven industry performance into a new, highly versatile valve, which is precision engineered to comply with MIL-V-24624. Engineered for bi-directional zero leakage, this high-performance butterfly valve is certified to the highest military standards. Product meets the requirements of the US Navy and is listed on the Qualified Products Listing.


DOUBLE OFFSET DESIGN | Produces a cam–like action that reduces seat wear and eliminates seat deformation when the disc is in the open position.

STEM | The high strength stem utilizes Double "D" or keyed connections to eliminate hysteresis.

INTEGRAL ACTUATION MOUNTING | Eliminates the need for additional mounting kits and minimizes the effects of shock and vibration.

RECESSED SEAT RETAINER | Seat retainer is totally encapsulated inside the body which eliminates any external leak paths for line media.

RESILIENT SEAT | Fully encapsulated energized seat provides bidirectional zero leakage sealing.

CONTOURED DISC | Engineered to maximize flow and minimize torque for optimal Cv values.

OPEN/CLOSE INDICATION | Machined dimple on the stem easily identifies valve disc position by rotating toward the cast “O” (open) and “C” (closed) letters on the body.

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