General Products Catalog

4.63 MB - Includes marine valves, piping, tubing, fittings, flanges for both commercial and navy applications.


Copper Nickel Catalog

6.69 MB - Includes pipe, fittings, flanges, bellmouths, y-strainers, valves, deck drains, branch outlets, and pipe hangers in both 90/10 and/or 70/30 for commercial and navy applications.


SPACE Valves Catalog

2.47 MB - Includes the Space brand marine valves: gate, globe, angle, stop check globe, swing check, lift check, angle check, tilt disc check, bellow seal gate, double disc gate, spectacle gate, along with special options and engineering data.


JIS Valves Catalog

6.94 MB - Includes JIS specific globe, angle, hose, gate, swing check, lift check, butterfly, and other marine valves in cast iron, cast steel, bronze materials.


DIN Valves Catalog

9.02 MB - Includes DIN specific butterfly, ball, gate, globe, check marine valves, actuators, strainers, instrumentation and technical information.


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