Stainless Steel Threaded Sch 80 (XH) Nipple, 6" Length

Product # 651960
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Threaded fittings are used in commercial and industrial environments to transfer water, oil, gas or air through a non-critical system. They are fast and economical components that are easily added to these systems. In addition, they require no welding so the system can be easily installed and modified.

Product Attributes

  • Fitting Type Nipple
  • End Connection Threaded
  • Pressure Rating 3000 lb
  • Body Material Stainless Steel
  • Body Material Spec ASTM A182
  • Nipple Length (in) 6
  • Schedule Sch 80 (XH)
  • Specification Type ANSI


Item # Size (in) Material Grade Buy Online
651960.200.304 1 304 Buy
651960.200.316 1 316 Buy
651960.250.304 1-1/4 304 Buy
651960.400.304 2 304 Buy
651960.450.304 2-1/2 304 Buy


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Dimensional and specification information shown here represents common industrial & commercial standards. Actual dimensions may vary by manufacturer, please contact your local W&O office for specific information.