Bronze Threaded Vent Check Valve, Cover Available

Product # 521104


Vent check valves allow for the ventilation of ballast and void tanks while preventing contamination of the tank with water or saltwater during rough seas. They offer fully approved protection against pressure buildup for the tank walls and bulkheads while liquid is loaded or unloaded from the tanks. Vertical vent checks mount directly onto the top of vent piping, while inverted vent checks mount onto the end of gooseneck pipes.

Product Attributes

  • Valve Type Vent Check
  • Specification Type ASME
  • Connection Type Threaded
  • Float Material Poly
  • Body Material Bronze


Item # Cover Material Size (in) Approx Weight (lbs) Request a Quote
521104.300 1-1/2 7 Contact
521104.400 2 9 Contact
521104.450 2-1/2 10 Contact
521104.450.C Bronze 2-1/2 10 Contact
521104.500 3 20 Contact
521104.500.C Bronze 3 20 Contact
521104.600 4 25 Contact
521104.600.C Bronze 4 25 Contact


Document Name File Size
Vent Check Valve 521101 521102 521103 521104 521106 Catalog.pdf 180.9 KB

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