70/30 Copper Nickel Type F Deck Drain, NAVSEA DWG 1385789

Product # 510206


Deck drains are designed to allow runoff fluid to be properly drained or channeled away from a given space. They can also be ordered with a trap and baffle to prevent sewer gases from entering the atmosphere, while still allowing for proper drainage. Depending on installation location, W&O offers deck drains in multiple configurations and materials of construction.

Product Attributes

  • Valve Type Deck Drain
  • Specification Type Navy
  • Deck Drain Type Type F
  • Body Material 70/30 Copper Nickel
  • DWG Number 1385789


Item # Size (in) Approx Weight (lbs) Request a Quote
510206.300 1-1/2 2 Contact
510206.400 2 3 Contact
510206.450 2-1/2 3 Contact
510206.500 3 4 Contact


Document Name File Size
Navy Deck Drains Catalog.pdf 70.91 KB
7030 Copper Nickel Deck Drain Type F 510206 Drawing.pdf 126.66 KB

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Dimensional and specification information shown here represents common industrial & commercial standards. Actual dimensions may vary by manufacturer, please contact your local W&O office for specific information.

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