Bronze 400 lb Globe Valve with Monel Trim, Union End, Stop Check, NAVSEA DWG 803-4384536

Product # 414373
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Angle valve 414373 has bronze body material that meets the ASTM B61 specification and monel trim along with union end sil braze connection. These valves are made to meet US Navy specifications: NAVSEA DWG 803-4384536. The pressure rating is 400 lb.

Product Attributes

  • Valve Type Globe
  • Connection Type Union End Sil Braze
  • Operator Type Lockshield
  • Pressure Rating 400 lb
  • Body Material Bronze
  • Body Material Spec ASTM B61
  • Trim Material Monel
  • Seat Type Soft Seated
  • DWG Number 803-4384536
  • Specification Type Navy


Item # Size (in) Approx Weight (lbs) Buy Online
414373.060 3/8 2 Contact
414373.100 1/2 3 Contact
414373.150 3/4 5 Contact

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