Bronze 150 lb Quick Open Gate Valve with Bronze Trim, Threaded Bonnet

Product # 112151


Gate valve 112151 has bronze body that meets ASTM B62 specification and bronze trim along with threaded connection and double disc. It comes as quick open with manual or self close lever operated options. The pressure rating is 150 lb and 300 wog. Not intended for use in potable water.

Product Attributes

  • Valve Type Gate
  • Specification Type ASME
  • Connection Type Threaded
  • Bonnet Type Threaded
  • Temp Rating 150 PSI WSP 400ºF | 300 PSI WOG 150ºF
  • Body Material Bronze
  • Body Material Spec ASTM B62
  • Trim Material Bronze
  • Standard MSS-SP-80


Item # Size (in) Face to Face (in) Operation Type Approx Weight (lbs) Buy Online
112151.200 1 2.50 Quick Open Manual Close 3 Buy
112151.200.M 1 2.50 Quick Open Self Close 4 Buy
112151.250.M 1-1/4 2.88 Quick Open Self Close 5 Buy
112151.300 1-1/2 3.18 Quick Open Manual Close 7 Buy
112151.300.M 1-1/2 3.18 Quick Open Self Close 7 Buy
112151.400 2 3.75 Quick Open Manual Close 11 Buy
112151.400.M 2 3.75 Quick Open Self Close 9 Buy
112151.450.M 2-1/2 4.25 Quick Open Self Close 15 Buy
112151.500.M 3 4.75 Quick Open Self Close 20 Buy

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