Bronze Hose Angle Valve, Rising Stem

Product # 055401


Hose valves are used to control the flow of liquid in many different hydrant or wash-down station applications. They are offered as in-line globe, angle globe and gate type hose valves. W&O offers ANSI hose valves with National Hose (NH) / National Standard Thread (NST), National Pipe Standard Hose (NPSH) / Straight Iron Pipe Thread (SIPT). W&O also stocks metric hose valves with JIS Nakajima and DIN Storz coupling end types.

Product Attributes

  • Valve Type Hose Angle
  • Specification Type ASME
  • Connection Type Flanged
  • Stem Type Rising Stem
  • Hose Connection NPSH
  • Pressure Rating 150 lb
  • Body Material Bronze
  • Trim Material Bronze


Item # Size (in) Bolt Circle Diameter (in) Center to Face (in) Center to Top of Stem (in) Flange Diameter (in) Number of Bolt Holes Size of Bolt Holes (in) Approx Weight (lbs) Request a Quote
055401.300 1-1/2 3.88 4.72 6.5 4.92 4 0.62 11 Contact
055401.450 2-1/2 5.5 4.25 8.15 7.08 4 0.75 35 Contact


Document Name File Size
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Dimensional and specification information shown here represents common industrial & commercial standards. Actual dimensions may vary by manufacturer, please contact your local W&O office for specific information.

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