RISE® single and multi-pipe penetrations have been the penetration sealing product of choice for shipyards around the world for almost 20 years. The system comprises just two simple components—FRR/LEHF rubber for insert sleeves, filler sleeves and wrap and FIWA® Sealant—which provides fire, water and gas protection. Benefits include quick and easy installation, vibration absorption and sound dampening, corrosion free and an aged tested service life of up to 50 years.

Features of RISE®:
• Approved for metallic or plastic, single or multi-pipe penetrations
• Labor savings; installs in a fraction of the time compared to competitive systems
• Allows pipes of dissimilar metals (and/or plastic) to pass through the same penetration
• No special transit frames required
• Easy re-entry for future pipe changes; no need to replace material
• No metal parts, no corrosion
• No mineral wool in the system; protects against internal transit corrosion
• Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening
• Prevents condensation on service pipes
• Allows longitudinal and radial movement of pipes
• Fire rated A-0 up to A-60, H-0 up to H-120, Jet Fire
• Watertight up to 2.5 bar (36.25 psi)
• Shock and vibration tested
• Age tested to 50-year service life
• Totally halogen free, non-toxic, low smoke index

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