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Engineered Piping Systems

Georg Fischer

Preventing corrosion is more important on board ships than anywhere else and with GF Plastic Piping Systems from W&O, corrosion will no longer be an issue. Cost-effective and high-quality, plastics are your right choice. In addition to assuring a long service life of the nonessential piping systems, a corrosion-free piping system adds many additional benefits including quicker and safer installation, reduced service and maintenance costs and lighter material lessening total deck weight. Your partners at W&O will help you increase production by reducing maintenance time and overall operational cost.

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SeaCor™, the only commercially available USCG approved thermoplastic piping system in the world, is a high performance polymer piping system that is ideal for fresh, grey and/or black water systems.…

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W&O is proud to offer the Chibro pressfit pipe system, which allows for fast and reliable installation of metal-piping systems. Chibro's no-weld, pressing and push-fit system has been an economical and reliable choice for the commercial, industrial, marine and military industries. Chibro offers piping systems in two different materials (stainless steel and CUNI 90/10) and in a wide range of pipe diameters.

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BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is a complete push-fit stainless-steel sanitary metric pipe-work system. The push-fit joint is completely interchangeable between either gravity or vacuum-discharge systems. BLÜCHER® drains and channels are modular-designed deck…

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Dresser Couplings

Proven by years of service on all kinds of pipe, Dresser couplings provide flexible, leak proof connections that last the life of the pipe. No costly threading, beveling, exact pipe…

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Norma Couplings

NORMACONNECT pipe couplings are an economical alternative to conventional pipe-joining techniques for both plastic and metal pipes. All plain-ended pipes can be joined easily by hand. The ready-to-fit coupling is…

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Pyplok fittings from W&O are non-welded permanent connection fittings that are radially swaged onto pipe/tubing using a compression tool. This process forms a 360˚ radial compression around the pipe, forming…

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SprayStop is a superb anti-splash and -spray tape for a wide range of applications. Designed by experienced safety specialists, this high-tech laminated, multi-layer aluminum tape prevents spray-outs of hot or…

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The Victaulic grooved-end piping system is the most versatile, economical and reliable piping system available. It is faster to install than welded systems, while providing unique design versatility. There are…

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Bulkhead Sealing Systems

In every business the threat of fire is present; perhaps even more so in the marine industry on board a vessel. For over three decades, BEELE Engineering, the manufacturer of Slipsil Plugs, RISE and NoFirno, has specialized in passive fire safety in the form of systems which prevent the spread of fire, smoke, water and gases via cable and pipe penetrations. Now W&O has partnered with BEELE to bring you the most innovative solutions for your fire prevention needs.

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Future Pipe Industries (FPI)

A global leader in anti-corrosive large diameter fiberglass pipe design and manufacturing, FPI provides the world's largest product portfolio of fiberglass pipe systems. FPI’s product Fibermar™ is a Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe system which has been specially developed by Future Pipe Industries (FPI) for use on board ships.

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