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Electric Actuation

W&O keeps an extensive inventory of a complete line of quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators, including:
• Weatherproof, explosion-proof submersible enclosures
• On/off, modulating, spring-return and battery-backup designs,…

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Hydraulic Actuation

Hydraulic actuation is used in higher-torque, quarter-turn, multi-turn and linear applications. Hydraulic actuators are smaller in size than electric and pneumatic actuators, making them ideal for use in small, confined…

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Manual Actuation

There are three different types of manual actuation:
• Gear Operation – used on larger valves that have a higher torque output
• Lever Operation – used on…

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Pneumatic Actuation

W&O provides pneumatic actuation that has a high cycle life with many actuation accessories available for use within the pneumatic system. To meet our customers’ needs, we offer pneumatic actuation…

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Actuation Accessories

Actuation Accessories description here

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Emergency Shut-off Valves

Thanks to W&O’s years of actuation experience, our professionals can design a safe and highly effective emergency fuel shut-off system that will protect your company’s valuable assets in an emergency situation. Emergency shut-off valves are used in fuel applications in which it may be necessary to quickly and efficiently stop the flow of hazardous and potentially volatile materials. These valves are commonly used in the transfer and storage of crude, fuel and diesel oil, jet fuel, volatile and toxic chemicals, and other highly combustible or dangerous liquids. Please contact W&O's Actuation Team for complete information on how we can serve your company’s needs.

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Navy Actuation

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